How to Sign up and Login with Trailhead

Trailhead is biggest source of free online training. Trails are guided learning paths though modules and projects that helps you to learn and apply at the same time. Trailhead is for everyone, for beginners it’s the interactive learning path, the basic building block of Salesforce Platform and for Developers, you can test your knowledge of the platform by earning points and awesome badges to celebrate your achievements and add them to your LinkedIn profile.

To Sign up and Login with Trailhead follow these steps:-

Step 1:- click the link given (

Screenshot (87)

Step 2:-click ‘Sign Up>’ and fill all the fields

Screenshot (88).png

Step 3:- click ‘Sign me up>’

Step 4:- You will receive confirmation email with the link to your developer account. Check your email to confirm your account.

Screenshot (89).png

Step 5:- click verify account and you will be asked to create new password

Screenshot (90).png

Step 6:- To enter your developer account, create new password and click change password


Step 7:- You have Successfully Sign up for Trailhead account, now to Login into your Trailhead account click the link (

Step 8:- click Login>

Screenshot (81).png

Step 9:- click ‘Log in to Trailhead’

Step 10:- Fill all the fields and click ‘Log in’

Screenshot (86).png

Screenshot (85).png

You have successfully Sign up and Login in your Trailhead account.


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