What is Trailheadathon?

Here is a formula (Trailhead + Hackathon = Trailheadathon) where all, whether they were Tech or non-Tech, Administrator or Developer completed Trailhead Badges and Super Badges for 14 hours long.

The was on September 10 2016 at Nagarro

Whose idea is this? I mean who think like this!

Atul Gupta (Leader and Organiser of New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group)


Atul Gupta organized so many SalesforceSaturday, online sessions, viewing parties and much more with just one motive, to bring the community together in every possible way, to contribute to Salesforce community, Awesome!!!

As part of #SalesforceSaturday, we at New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group started with a campaign called #RaceForTrailhead where community members would come to a central Starbucks from 9 AM to 1 PM to complete Trailhead Badges.

This went on for a couple of months, but then Atul Gupta thought,” Why not to extend the time? Say six hours or eight hours or let’s do it for a whole day”

There comes the idea, First Ever Trailheadathon.

First #RaceForTrailhead and now #Trailheadathon has become a symbol of Online as well as Offline event organized at a large scale. People around the Globe had some crazy ideas and implemented them while ‘Trailheadathon’, in my opinion, is one of the most awesome ones.

I was already familiar with the greater Salesforce ecosystem – via our New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group meetings, and of course, SalesforceSaturday.

However, what you’re about to read next has jumped quite a few laps. After First-Ever Trailheadathon was organized in New Delhi, the capital city of India over a whole day, then it as then extended to TrailheadathonWeek.

The event, Trailheadathon was a huge success and there I met Chris Duarte, Regina Walton, and Rajdeep Dua Live.



Adam Olshansky, Amy Oplinger, Charlie Isaacs, Stephanie Herrera and Jennifer W. Lee sent their videos encouraging the awesome community members (the heart and soul of the community in New Delhi) of New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group.


It was the real honor to meet Gaurav Kheterpal, Abhinav Gupta, and Ankit Arora and hear from them.


While Trailheadathon was the first of its kind event, it was not limited to Delhi-NCR only, as Developers from Chandigarh and Pune (Mithun) also joined the event and made history with us.


Developers from Chandigarh


Developer from Pune

There were unlimited swags available.


Here are Trailheadathon Trivia Winners.


Such a big event is incomplete without winners here I present Rachit Parnami from Nagarro the Winner of First ever Trailheadathon.


Winners of Trailheadathon

  1. Rachit Parnami
  2. Arvind Yadav
  3. Vishal Ranjan
  4. Nimisha Bhatnagar
  5. Priti Jaiswal


Trailheadathon comes to an end.


I would like to mention about an online application Trailheadathon Leaderboard without which this event was not possible and the credit goes to Durgesh Dhoot.


Special Moments.







Special Thanks to:

  1. Atul Gupta for organizing this event and such awesome idea.
  2. Viyom Jain and team Nagarro for all the support and awesome food.
  3. Durgesh Dhoot for providing real time Trailhead monitoring leaderboard application that made TrailheadathonWeek possible.
  4. Salesforce Developer Relations team, especiallyRajdeep Dua, and Naga Kiran from India.
  5. Naga Kiran for the support, Awesome swags and all the ideas I am sure it was a long day for Naga Kiran, to fly over to Gurgaon, and stay with us in full enthusiasm for full 14+ hours
  6. Last but not least, Nitesh Mishra, Suraj Gupta, and New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group.

One last thing, before I close out this post:

I hope the Trailheadathon continues for many years to come!


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