Create App in Salesforce Lightning Experience

Lightning is a new user interface for Salesforce and today we are going to build quick lightning experience application as “Call Centre” as no coding is required so let’s get started.

Follow these Steps.

Step A. Login your salesforce org. And click setup as shown in the picture below.


Step B. Select ‘Setup Home’ as shown in the picture.


Step C.  

               1- Search for ‘App Manager’.

               2- Select App Manager.

               3- Select ‘New Lightning App’.


Step D.

                4. Give a name to your app (User Defined).

                5.  Upload Branding Image.

                6.  Click Next.


Step E.

             7. Enable utility bar items that allow instant access to productivity in the footer of Lightning Experience.

             8. Click Next.


Step F. Move objects from Available items – Selected items to include them in your App.

            9. Click Next.


Step G. Move all the user profiles from Available items – Selected items so that they can access this app.

           10. Click Save & Finish.



Congratulations!! You have successfully created your First Lightning App in Salesforce.


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