Create a Custom Lightning Record Page

Now it’s easy to customize a record page and assign it to specific Lightning apps and this will work just like the Home page, and now you can create your custom record page may be, even cooler.

You can edit an existing page or create it from scratch using a template.

This example shows custom Contact record page layout from scratch using a template.

Step A: Select Setup Home as shown below.


Step B:

  • Enter Lightning App Builder in the Quick Find box.
  • Select Lightning App Builder.
  • Click New.


Step C:

  • Select Record Page.
  • Click Next.


Step D:

  • Choose Header, Subheader, Two Columns.
  • Click Next.


Step E:

  • Name your page New Contact.
  • Select Contact as the object.
  • Click Finish.


Step F: In the left side, you can see all the standard components available for Contact record page layout and all custom components you have installed in your org. Drag components from left panel to into the top region of the page.

  • Add Record Details to the top of the page.
  • Add Related Lists to the middle region.
  • Add Chatter Publisher to the lower left region.
  • Add Activities to the lower right region.
  • Click Save and then Activate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step G: Now you have two options.

  • Make the page default page so every user see it unless they are in an app that already has an assigned custom record page.
  • Assign the page to specific App.
  • Select Assign this page as the default record page and click Next.


Step H: Review page assignment

  • Click Save.



Congratulations, You have created your own custom record page with Such Awesomeness!!!


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