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Salesforce offers various certifications where Pardot is Marketing Automation by Salesforce. I had two options in front of me Marketing cloud or Pardot and I choose pardot. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn Pardot and boost my career by demonstrating my Pardot knowledge along with my Salesforce experience. It took around 3 months to learn Pardot and prepare for the Pardot Specialist exams, and I thought it would be more awesome to share that how I prepared for my exam and what materials I used.

If you are new to Pardot, let me give you a quick summary:

Screenshot (427)

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform. Pardot deals with, email marketing, tracking visitors and prospects to your website and subsequently turning them into Leads/Opportunities in the Salesforce platform. Pardot does this with a number of techniques, including scoring rules based on how they interact with your website and emails.

The Pardot Specialist Certification focus on ensuring that you are qualified to run the platform for your organization, including integrating it with various other vendors, including Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Important things you should know about this exam

I had no prior experience with Pardot but, all the material which anyone needs to pass the exam is available online for free links are given below.

If you are new to Pardot and want to learn more about this awesome tool, then Pardot Specialist is right certification you can focus on it. There are so many training resources (Videos, Knowledge base articles) available online, but I will suggest you, use the recommended reference materials i.e. Study Guide.

To know more about exam details and exam objectives browse Salesforce Certification site.

Here are some things you should know about the exam:

  • Certification Name: Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist Certification (SP17)
  • There are 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • You have 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • You must score at least 67% to pass the exam
  • The registration fee is USD 200
  • The retake fee is USD 100

Resources Available

  • If you are beginner Pardot eLearning Modules is the place to start. There are a huge amount of eLearning videos which will help you to get started with Pardot Specialist. It’s my suggestion to spend at least 4-5 hrs per day to watch these videos, make notes which will help you on the day of the exam, and work on at least 3-4 pardot projects before scheduling for the exam.
  • Once you have the proper understanding of Pardot, then open the Pardot Specialist study guide and visit Pardot knowledge base, this may help in troubleshooting also.
  •  Pardot Offers both ‘in-person’ & ‘Virtual’ Training and certification.
  • You can also join Salesforce Success Community group for Pardot.

Training environment

Pardot is offering training environments to existing clients studying for their certification upon request. There are a number of restrictions on these Orgs that you can read in the Training Environment FAQ.


A. If a prospect clicks on a custom redirect after filling out a form, will the prospects assigned Pardot campaign change?

Choose one answer

  1. No, it’s not possible to change a Pardot campaign by clicking on a custom redirect.
  2. Yes, but only if the Pardot completion action for the custom redirect is set to change the campaign.
  3. Yes, the Pardot campaign will change based on the page the custom redirect links to.
  4. D. No, a Pardot campaign will always stay the same since it’s a first touch point.

B. How can an Administrator find the number of mailable prospects in their database?

Choose one answer

  1. Navigate to the Overview section
  2. View the Sync Queue
  3. Navigate to the Prospect List and select “Mailable Prospects”
  4. View all Segmentation Lists


Understand the exam concept and format.

For References and study material:

Jenna Molby: (For Pardot practice test)


Rakesh Gupta:

Mayank Srivastava:

Ben McCarthy:


Good Luck! And share your success below in comments.


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