MVP Vibes

This is my first blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called MVP Vibes”. 

MVP Program by Salesforce include so many benefits, where it sounds so awesome, becoming MVP is not that easy, it takes continues contribution in Salesforce Community and real-time efforts.

Salesforce MVP is the one who guides community and recognizes for their Passion, Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, Vision, and Awesomeness.

Today I am introducing one of our new WINTER 2017 MVP

James Goerke 

MVP | 5X Certified | Leader of Mentorship Central | Co- Leader of Raleigh SFUG


How did you start your Journey?

I started my Salesforce Journey in 2008 with Salesforce Support. I actually had no Salesforce experience before joining Salesforce but was able to quickly learn the product and gained experience along the way. Fast forward till 2015 and I moved over to a Salesforce Partner, Vlocity, to start and run their Global Support Team.

How do you feel?

I’m really excited about it. I know it’s an awesome recognition but it doesn’t really change anything for me. I’m still going to be a dedicated community member because that’s what makes me happy.

What have you been working on?

Right now it’s all work all the time! I’ve recently re-launched a new Salesforce Community and we’re looking to launch a new Support Console and Lightning internally.

I’m hoping to make some changes to Mentorship Central to include mentor and mentee training so that the relationships that we connect can start off from a good spot.

When you first got involved in Community?

I think my first community involvement was with the Idea Exchange. I have no idea how many ideas I’ve created over the years but I know it’s a lot. I used the Idea Exchange as a routing tool when I worked with customers. As we all know, Salesforce doesn’t do everything, and we can’t expect it to. So when I was with Salesforce Support and a customer issue would come up that we couldn’t do, I’d create the idea for them. It’s a simple thing but having a tool in place to listen to your customer and allow others to see that seems simple and obvious today but many companies still don’t do it.

What do you find most challenging after becoming MVP?

I can’t say there have been any more challenging situations after becoming an MVP than before. For me, it’s the same. I was a good community member before and I hope to be a good community member in the future. It’s that simple.

What can Community Expect from their MVP?

I’m going to remain dedicated to the Mentorship Central platform I’ve put together. As we go along we’ll continue to gain momentum and continue to connect volunteers together. We’ll hope to have more training released this year and some platform improvements as well.

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Soon I will be Introducing other MVPs.


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