Dreamforce Diaries

This is my Fifth Blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called Dreamforce Diaries#DreamforceDiaries.

Dreamforce is the biggest and the most awesome event organized by Salesforce.

A lot happen at Dreamforce you learn, share your knowledge, and make connections, memories, and friends that you may cherish a lifetime.  This may surprise you; this Dreamforce had the biggest number of attendees of all time, so I reached out to some of the lucky people who got the chance to attend this year’s Dreamforce about their experience.

Here I share Awesome!! Dreamforce Experience of:

Jennifer Davis

Salesforce MVP | Salesforce Admin since 2002 | Certified Admin since 2008 (First 250 Certified)
Currently working for Dazeworks as a Salesforce SME & Consultant
A long time ago, in a land far far away, there was a Salesforce Admin who traveled to San Francisco for Dreamforce in November 2004. There were about 800 people, and they all fit at the top of the Hilton for the gala during the 2004 election. Marc and Parker roamed freely among the crowd to chat with their newest customers, including her! her memories were mostly of the following:
  • This event is HUGE & who are all of these people? She wondered many times if She was the only Salesforce admin in the room!
  • She was terrified to the point of passing out at the thought of speaking in a session in front of 50 people about being a new Salesforce customer.
  • She really really loves Salesforce as a product, her new Salesforce Admin career, and this event called Dreamforce.

Pic 1

Fast forward into 2016 – The last Dreamforce (#13 for her) can only be described as traveling to the island of Salesforce where everyone who loves Salesforce as much as she does, was here! It was as if everything she had ever lost had been found in one place. Every few steps she took once she arrived at Moscone were filled with squeals, hugs, and even a few tears as she reunited with her people and met new members of her ‘Lost Tribe.’ The overall feeling was of being home where she belonged! Ohana is the definitely correct word for Salesforce employees, customers, partners, and newcomers to join together in a united passion for the platform!

Wandering through the vast sea of people over many past Dreamforces, She was always trying to figure out where she should go as an admin. Well, this Dreamforce, she couldn’t even see and do everything she wanted to that was geared towards admins! Since there was so much knowledge to be shared, activities to participate in, and oooh shiny things to see. Out of everything she did participate in, her highlights were:

  • Visiting with the Monks from Plum Village in the Dreampark and remembering to take care of herself on such a busy week! The monks were so kind and uplifting – if she felt tired or overstimulated, it was fantastic to have a quiet area to reflect with them. They constantly reminded her to stay on her path of being in service to others!

Pic 2

  • Participating in the (RED) community service activities, wearing their shirts, and helping to spread the word of the lives they save! This is a cause close to her heart, so she even bought one for her 5 years old for Kano Developer Kits!

Pic 3

  • She felt Moscone West was like walking onto a movie set! The decor was phenomenal, and there were so many activities to do both entertaining and educational that she lost herself in the ambiance. She loved the concept of Trailhead uniting Admins and Devs! She even had the opportunity to bring a few USF students with her to their first Dreamforce. She reveled in their excitement to see Trailhead brought to life and the future career opportunities available to them.

Pic 4

  • The Ambassadors of Aloha Opening Dreamforce 2016 & The Aloha Song at the main keynote – how very lucky that they were as Salesforce customers at Dreamforce to receive blessings from the Aloha Ambassadors! As stated before, she felt a very strong connection with her lost tribe at Dreamforce. She had so much love in the heart when they sang the Aloha song, She even broke down and actually cried from all of the love She felt in the middle of this presentation. She has never been to Hawaii before, but felt very grateful that she could experience the roots of the word Ohana was right in front of her!

Pic 5

  • She had the privilege of visiting with Salesforce’s Karen Mangia after her session and had her sign a copy of her book Success with Less. This book literally changed her life & Jennifer highly recommends it especially for anyone in a Salesforce career crossroad and/or admins that have been in the ecosystem a long time like her!

Pic 6

  • The Admin Keynote – when Zac Otero received the gold jacket and award, She was so happy that she cried! He has been part of their Springfield user group and a friend for quite a while. To watch him blossom from wanting to learn Salesforce to featured Admin, She is so proud!

Pic 7

  • The Marc Q&A on Friday was the pinnacle of her Dreamforce memories! If she could bottle the feeling in that room to bring home, she would! The whole audience danced to ‘Harvest Moon’ as a unified community. Then, she was able to watch her Salesforce community peers speak freely to Marc and see how he very much cares about each and every person in that room, it was surreal. What other CEO does that? He actually wants feedback and ideas about the product he created from the people that work with it every day. Other companies could take a few lessons from him!This is the favorite pic of her and Selina Suarez in the audience before she stepped up to the mic for her question to Marc!

Pic 8


I Hope you liked my blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called “Dreamforce Diaries”.

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