MVP Vibes

This is my Second blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called MVP Vibes”. 

MVP Program by Salesforce include so many benefits, where it sounds so awesome, becoming MVP is not that easy, it takes continues contribution in Salesforce Community and real-time efforts.

Salesforce MVP is the one who guides community and recognizes for their Passion, Integrity, Knowledge, Courage, Vision and Awesomeness.

Today I am introducing one of our new WINTER 2017 MVP

Melinda Smith

Salesforce MVP | 5X Certified | Co-host of Two WIT Podcast | Member of #GifSquad




How did you start your Journey?

Admin to a consultant byways of the community. User group lead in So Cal and Two WIT co-host.


How do you feel?

I feel honored and privileged to be among so many people that I admire. The community is everything to me in this career. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.


What have you been working on?

Working towards Service Cloud then I want the new field service lightning certificate.


When you first got involved in Community?

I found the community through my first user group meeting but only really understood the power of the community at the Trailhead Beta kick-off in LA. That’s when I got my first dev org and started asking questions in the community.


What do you find most challenging after becoming MVP?

Really the only challenge is time…..there is always so much more I want to do or learn and all the while juggling a career and family.


What can Community Expect from their MVP?

I’m helping kick off Salesforce Saturday in Denver. I want to find another non-profit and teach trailhead again. I want to continue to lift other community members up & help newbies see how amazing our Ohana is!


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Soon I will be Introducing other MVPs.


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