Dreamforce Diaries

This is my Seventh Blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called Dreamforce Diaries#DreamforceDiaries.

Dreamforce is the biggest and the most awesome event organized by Salesforce.

A lot happen at Dreamforce you learn, share your knowledge, and make connections, memories, and friends that you may cherish a lifetime.  This may surprise you; this Dreamforce had the biggest number of attendees of all time, so I reached out to some of the lucky people who got the chance to attend this year’s Dreamforce about their experience.

Here I share Awesome!! Dreamforce Experience of:

Erica Kuhl

Vice President, Community at Salesforce


Erica Kuhl


Your experience at Dreamforce 2016?

Dreamforce 2016 was a big breakthrough year because of the focus on our amazing community.  Among many other things, we rallied over 150+ community viewing parties and had a few highlighted on stage at the keynote kick-off.  One very proud moment was when Marc Benioff himself talked about how the community has changed his perspective and he highlighted and welcomed User Groups.  This was huge for our community because it’s such an amazing program that’s really hit full steam in the last few years.  Big thanks to Holly Firestone who really spearheaded this momentum and was instrumental in getting Marc’s awareness of this special Program.  We also had community members present everywhere around Dreamforce – including posters, booth staffing, breakout session speakers, hands-on training instructors, volunteering, and the list goes on and on.  Some other incredible highlights of Dreamforce ’16 but two more to focus on was 1) the first ever joint User Group and MVP appreciation party dubbed the “Awesome People Party”- including great food, great networking, great demo jam and great swag!  And 2) Steve Molis was given 2 VIP tickets by our Vice Chairman, President, and COO, Keith Block for his incredible contributions to our Community and he picked little ole me to join him!  What is so special about this (beyond just VIP U2 tickets alone!) is that all other Salesforce employees were there hosting their customers and it was the other way around for me.  This is so representative of our amazing Community #Ohana.


Funniest moment of Dreamforce 2016?


Erica Kuhl1


By far my funniest moment at Dreamforce ’16 was a 250+ person sing along (led by LT Smooth) to “Harvest Moon” while we waited for Marc Benioff to join the stage and kick off a Community Q&A.  I was sitting next to Tony Prophet, who I had met moments before, and the next thing you know we are belting out Harvest Moon together.  Definitely, something I will never forget.

I can’t imagine how I’ll top my Dreamforce ’16 experience because it definitely goes down in history as a very memorable one….and I’ve been to EVERY SINGLE Dreamforce so that’s saying a lot!


I Hope you liked my blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called Dreamforce Diaries.

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