Dreamforce Diaries

This is my Eighth Blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called Dreamforce Diaries” #DreamforceDiaries.

Dreamforce is the biggest and the most awesome event organized by Salesforce.

A lot happen at Dreamforce you learn, share your knowledge, and make connections, memories, and friends that you may cherish a lifetime.  This may surprise you; this Dreamforce had the biggest number of attendees of all time, so I reached out to some of the lucky people who got the chance to attend this year’s Dreamforce about their experience.

Here I share Awesome!! Dreamforce Experience of:

Gillian Bruce





Your experience at Dreamforce 2016?

Dreamforce 2016 was amazing! It was the first year where the whole campus adopted our Trailhead theme, and it was magical to see our new mascots Codey, Astro, and Einstein walking around the conference. I was blown away by all the great content our #AwesomeAdmin community shared on the Admin Theater stage and in the Admin Track breakout sessions. My personal highlight was being able to demo some fantastic new Admin features on stage during the Admin Keynote to thousands of my favorite Salesforce Admin friends.

Funniest moment of Dreamforce 2016?


Dreamforce 2016Gillian Bruce


Dreamforce has a ton of great content, but there is also a little room for fun and celebration. One of the funniest moments was watching the Lip Sync Battle on the Admin Theater stage. I had no idea how much the contestants were going to get into it, but WOW their costumes and performances had me cheering and laughing for a solid hour! I mean, Amy Oplinger’s MJ routine was as killer as her outfit – some might even call it thrilling. And the mysterious appearance by TSwift / Tay-Tay / Swifty was shocking! Who knew Shannon Hale had such a famous alter ego. Dreamforce never disappoints. I’m already excited for Dreamforce 2017!


I Hope you liked my blog post as part of the series of articles I am writing called Dreamforce Diaries.

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